Who We Are?

Rad Mechanical Industry Engineering and Commercial Co. (RADMICO) works in the field of designing and production in steel industries, Gas petroleum industries and providing high technology equipment beside a professional services and support.

Our activities in the field of industries and also considering the effective and important role of art in design, makes a group with combination of engineering and art, regarding to the governing principles, standards and regulations of the industry, such as safety, quality, efficiency, economic feasibility and so on. So because of this attitude we can tell you "WE CAN DESIGN YOUR WORLD WITH ENGINEERING"

Our Managers

  • Behnam Rajabzadeh
    Chief Executive Officer / CEO

    Project Manager and Designer

  • Masoud Bahrami
    Product Manager

    Projects Executive Manager

  • Mohsen Abedi
    Commercial Manager

    Commercial Projects Manager and Contracts Advisor

Contact Information