Our Commercial Documentation Services

We are providing professional commercial and administrative communication
Our services are as follows:


• Letters
• Faxes (advice of damaged consignment- response to importer's enquiry- fax accompanying an order)
• Emails (asking for an estimate- making arrangements for an estimate- asking for information- request for goods on approval- reply to request for goods on approval)


• Making enquiries
• Asking for catalogues, price list, etc.
• Asking for details
• Asking for samples, patterns, and demonstrations
• Suggesting terms, methods of payment, and discounts
• Asking for goods on approval, or on sale or return
• Asking for an estimate or tender
• Request for general information
• Request for an advertisement
• Enquiry from a buying agent
• Enquiry from a retailer to a foreign manufacturer

Replies and Quotations

• Confirming that you can help
• 'Selling' your product
• Suggesting alternatives
• Referring the customer to another place
• Sending catalogues, price lists, prospectuses, and samples
• Arranging demonstrations and visits
• Giving quotations
• Prices
• Transport and insurances costs
• Discounts
• Methods of payment
• Quoting delivery date
• Fixed terms and negotiable term
• Giving and estimate


• Payment
• Discounts
• Delivery
• Methods of delivery
• Unfavorable terms
• Order form
• Acknowledging an order
• Advice of dispatch
• Advice note


• Invoices
• Pro forma invoices
• Statements of account
• Settlement of accounts
• Methods of payment: trade within the UK/trade outside the UK
• Advice of payment
• Acknowledgement of payment
• Asking for more time to pay
• Reply to request for more time
• First request- second request- third request (final demand)

Complaints and adjustments

• Complaint about wrong delivery
• Complaint about damage
• Reply to Complaint about damage
• Complaint about bad workmanship
• Reply to Complaint about bad workmanship
• Complaint about non-delivery
• Reply to complain about wrong delivery
• Debit notes
• Credit notes
• Complaint about accounting errors
• Reply to Complaint about accounting errors


• Request for open account facilities
• Reply to granting open account facilities
• Request for general credit facilities
• Request for a change in the terms of payment
• Notification of taking up references
• Letter to an enquiry agent
• Equerry agent's reply
• Negative replies to enquiries about credit rating


• Opening a current account
• Change of signature
• Request for a standing order
• Cancellation of a check
• Advice of an overdrawn account
• Reply to advice of an overdrawn account
• Request for an overdraft or loan
• Granting a loan
• Refusing an overdraft
• Advising dispatch of a bill
• Bill of exchange
• Advising dispatch of a sight bill
• Request to a bank to forward a bill
• Request to a bank to accept a bill
• Non-payment of a bill
• A documentary credit transaction- from the importers to the issuing bank/ From the exporters to the importers
• Application form for documentary credit
• From the importers to the exporters
• From the confirming bank to the exporters
• Notification of documentary credit
• From the exporters to the confirming bank
• From the exporters to the importers
• From the importer's bank to the importers

Agents and agencies
• Offering of an agent
• Agent's reply, asking for more details
• Manufacturer's reply, giving more details
• Reply to an offer of an agency
• Request for an agency
• Reply to a request for a agency
• Offer from a buying agent
• Reply to a buying agent's offer
• Agent's report
• Account sales
Transportation and shipping

--- Road, rail, and air transport
• Request for a quotation for delivery by road
• Quotation for delivery by road
• Advice of delivery
• Complaint of damage in delivery by road
• Reply to Complaint of damage
• Complaint to the carrier
• Request for a quotation for delivery by air
• quotation for delivery by air
• Air waybill
--- Shipping
• Request for freight rates and sailing
• Reply to Request for freight rates and sailing
• Bill of lading
• Instruction to a forwarding agent
• Forwarding agent's enquiry for freight rates
• Shipping company's reply
• Confirmation of shipment
• Advice of shipment to importer's forwarding agent
• Advice of shipment to importer
• Delay in arrival of shipment
• Shipping company's reply
--- Container services
• Enquiry to a container company
• Container company's reply
• Certificate of origin
• Enquiry for a time charter
• Shipbroker's reply
• Enquiry for a voyage charter
• Shipbroker's reply
• General charter


• Request for comprehensive insurance
• Quotation for comprehensive insurance
• Quotation for bonding an employee
• Claim for fire damage
• Reply to claim for fire damage
• Request for marine insurance quotation
• Quotation for marine insurance
• Certificate of insurance
• Request for open cover
• Quotation for open cover
• Notification of shipment under open cover
• Claim under open cover policy
• Reply to Claim under open cover policy
• Rejection of claim


• Miscellaneous correspondence
• Memos and reports
• Personnel appointments

Contact Information