Perisco Trade

Taking the advantages of experienced professional team, relying on our deep knowledge of the local and foreign markets as well as the application of all the existing facilities, Persia Industrial Supplies Engineering &Commercial Company (PERISCO) is capable of providing any commercial services including import/export from the start point to the end users, taking into account customers’ requirements and tastes. Paying much attention to the customers and marketers’ particular needs concerning import/export as well as optimal solutions on meeting such requirements besides watching their benefits and use of new technologies in the international commerce is our base for working.


1- Electronic parts , Optic and Laser System & Components
2- Security & Surveillance  Systems CCTV & IP Camera Network  Solutions
3- Corrosion Monitoring Access Systems
4- Industrial and laboratory test and measurement instruments and equipment


Export Household appliances and heating and cooling equipment, spare parts, machinery manufacturing

Business Services:

Opening letters of credit and foreign exchange transfer
Trading orders and obtaining import licenses
International transport services
Cargo insurance services
Customs Clearance Services

Our Services

International Transportation

Commercial Services

International Payments

Studies, Research and Consultancy



Supply, Preparation and Processing